Dipping a toe in to the world of processing

img_scan038I have just developed my first roll of film. I was dead nervous about doing it and getting the timings and chemical mixes right, but I reckon I managed to do quite well.

I had a lot of trouble loading the reel for the developing tank, where I managed to scratch the film quite a lot and removed some of the coating here and there, but apart from that, they seem to have come out OK – they don’t seem to be over or under developed.

I used a 1+3 mix of the Ilford ID-11 developer for 25 mins, then Ilford Ilfostop for 30 seconds and finally Ilford Fixer for 5 mins, though I used it for another 3 mins later on after some advice from John.

I am really happy with the results. The scratches I can deal with as I thought I had made much more of a mess of the negs than I actually did, and I am really please with the noise and contrast I managed to get. To me they look like they could have been taken 30 or 40 years ago. My first attempt at going old school and I have loved it. Now to get shooting some more rolls of film……

img_scan042 img_scan047

img_scan045 img_scan051 img_scan053

img_scan059 img_scan061 img_scan062

img_scan055 img_scan058 img_scan060

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