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SVR Take 2

The second group shoot at Severn Valley Railway – There have been some great things come out of my joining the Net-Model forums. The local meetings (not necessarily Net-Model specific, but many people are on that site) and meeting _mg_0231_web FastEddie. Ed is a very friendly, energetic, kind guy and very selfless when it comes to sharing his knowledge of photography – if he can help you solve a problem, he is more than happy to do so.

He has arranged several group shoots, which has taken a hell of a lot of organisation getting a bunch of dis-organised photographers and models to turn up at the same place and at the same time, but luckily he still comes back for more.

This group shoot was the 2nd time I visited Severn Valley Railway in Kidderminster – both times organised by FastEddie. The first time I had been there was only a couple of months after I had begun to seriously get in to my photography. I was very new to photographing models and very nervous doing img_3037_web.jpg so. I also had a very basic Olympus camera with the twin kit lenses which I had bundled in to my hiking rucksack, along with a couple of spare batteries and memory cards.

I had a much more productive day this time, helped in part by a massive upgrade to my camera kit. I had ditched the Olympus kit a few months back, and bought a Canon 50D, a few Sigma EX DG lenses (I LOVE these lenses!!!) and some YongNuo speedlights and triggers. I had a couple of dozen model shoots under my belt by this time too, so my nerves at initially talking to the models were pretty much gone. I also had a better idea of what I wanted to shoot and how I wanted to do it. I must admit though, I did say throughout the day to Scotty and Ed GB whilst I was looking at the back of my camera, that I honestly thought that my results were worse this time than the previous visit. It was a slight downer for my confidence on the day thinking I was getting worse at this photography lark rather than better, but I was very Oi! Get that chocolate out of here! pleasantly surprised when I got home and looked at the images on my computer to realise they were leagues better than my first attempt – phew!!!

A massive thanks goes out to Scotty (check out Scotty’s awesome Blog), EdGB, FastEddie, Kirsty and Jackie for making this a really fun day out, answering all my constant questions on everything photography related and for just being a lovely group of people to hang out with. You all rock!

So here are a selection of images from the day. I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to comment or leave feedback.


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