Special FX & Body Painting – Behind the Scenes

I can’t believe my luck! Rob Golding called me up one evening and said that due to unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to do a shoot at Stroud College for their body painting rehearsal. Would I like to go instead? Well, about a nano-second later I agreed and asked for the details. I couldn’t wait for the shoot as I had already seen some amazing stuff from the students. It didn’t matter that this was the rehearsal as Rob was going to lend me his Bowens 500DX lighting kit, and there were places at the college we could use to shoot in.

Suffice to say that I was blown away by the work they did – and this was only the practice run! There is some serious talent in this college and they are letting me loose here with my camera :)

Well, here are the “Behind the Scenes” images from the day with the make up artists in action and in progress shots of the models being made up.


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