Body Paint Rehearsal – “Silent Hill” tribute


I was very privileged to be invited to Stroud College to take some behind the scenes images of the students practising for their upcoming model day.

The students were practising their body painting and special effects on models for the upcoming “Underworld” shoot at Cheltenham Film Studios.

This is the students take on the nurse from Silent Hill – not an exact re-creation, but based on the theme. Here are the results – what do you think?

_mg_8990_web _mg_8999_web _mg_9013_web _mg_9029_web _mg_9032_web _mg_9034_web _mg_9044_web

_mg_9048_web _mg_9051_web _mg_9053_web _mg_9058_web _mg_9068_web _mg_9089_web _mg_9074_web _mg_9110_web

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