Shot in the dark

“Your mini mission is to shoot in the dark”

Tonight was an impromptu play about as I am yet to get my arse in gear in doing my main mission “Still Life”. It was dark outside, so after much planning and deliberation, I set about taking some shots of Enoch the bird.

It was way too dark to shoot handheld and still keep the image sharp, so I used a tripod. I was cropping and focusing in the dark so didn’t manage to do an amazing job – I kept cropping off the top if Enoch’s head. I used a slowish shutter speed (3 seconds) and fired the flash handheld too. We also tried out using a torch to see how that would look – first pointing it at the bird, then pointing it at the lens instead.


Next up I wanted to try some light painting. I found a plain wall to shoot against, stuck the lens on manual so it wouldn’t keep trying to focus, picked a middle of the road apperture of f/11 and a longer shutter speed of 6 seconds. This was long enough not to let any ambient light in (though there wasn’t much about to let in anyway) and hopefully enough time for me to do some “painting”. Here is my first effort – not quite “Hello world” but nearly :)


It was a bit wonky, but 6 seconds turned out to be a good guestimate for the shutter speed. It gave me enough time to spell out 1 letter without having to rush. I did this using a torch and pointing it straight at the camera, and just spelling the letters in the air. My assistant helped out by telling me if I was getting them in the shot, or if they were coming out lopsided. I’m pretty pleased with the results myself – simple but very funky, just like me!

Below is the outcome of the painting experiment – something intelligent and high brow seemed appropriate……


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  1. Bluebeard February 28, 2012 at 22:36 #

    One can tell from this triumph just how ace your assistant is!

    • rugglez February 28, 2012 at 22:39 #

      This is true Bluebeard :) One can never have too much motivation – aka kicks up the bum!

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