Paris à pied – Part 2

On my travels around Paris, I decided to have a wander down the Champs-Élysées and came across some street dancers busking outside the Charles de Gaulle Etoile Metro station at the top of the Champs. I think I spent longer taking pictures of these guys than any other subject in Paris!

I have no idea why these guys kept looking right down my camera lens, but I am so pleased that they did. I managed to get a few shots of them mid jump looking straight at me.

_mg_0231_webThis is by far the funniest picture to me. The main busker guy who was talking to us stopped mid sentence and walked over to this bloke who had just been texting his mate the whole time they were dancing. The busker then asked what was so good on his phone that he was looking at that instead of watching them, to which he replied that his team had just scored a goal! He got the piss taken out of him ever so slightly!!!

So, on to the main images. I think for a small donation to the guys, I managed to get some really interesting shots. I would thank them all on here, but I forgot what their names were. I know there were 2 guys from Paris, 1 from Lyon and a South African guy who was the one in the hat. So, in no particular order…

The first batch.

_mg_0660_web _mg_0665_web _mg_0738_web _mg_0749_web _mg_0755_web _mg_0766_web _mg_0775_web _mg_0798_web _mg_0813_web _mg_0833_web _mg_0860_web

And there’s more …. I was shooting for quite a while :)

_mg_0684_web _mg_0698_web _mg_0700_web _mg_0705_web _mg_0714_web _mg_0767_web _mg_0789_web _mg_0852_web _mg_0862_web

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