Austin Mini – 1430cc Race Spec – For Sale


My Austin Mini 1430cc is regrettably up for sale due to lack of use and time.

Details are listed below and the Mini went on to eBay this evening to go to a better home –

I have uploaded pretty high resolution images here for you to look out so beware if you are on a phone or slow broadband connection – viewing them may take a while.

MOT until end October 2011
No Tax at the moment as declared SORN.
Full V5 supplied with the car.

The mini is absolutely brilliant to drive. With the straight cut gears, Maniflow exhaust and Webber carbs, you can hear her coming from a fair distance away. The chrome and 13″ alloys along clear lenses really finish the car exterior off. I did have black and silver number plates which looked amazing, but I think they are illegal on a car this age, so I took them off just in case.

The bucket seats inside are Cobra FIA approved and were only installed a few months back and have only be sat in a handful of times. They have 5 point 3″ harness to keep you in place and a full roll cage with door bars to protect you if you take her on the track.

She is in fair condition with no rust issues to worry about. She won’t win any concourse prizes but is no rust bucket either! The paintwork could do with some T-Cut and there are a few small chips in the paint that have been picked up whilst in our garage. The car basically just needs a tidy up and going around fixing up little things around the car. She runs fine and since I have had her (2004) she has only ever failed 1 MOT and that was for a rotten gaitor (which was replaced).

The engine bay could really do with some tarting up to make it look the part. The re-spray in here didn’t seem to get the same attention as the rest of the car. It will also need a new engine steady put in the engine bay. It runs fine without one and this is not an MOT failure, but I would recommend getting one put back in there. Not sure if this needs to be welded in or if you can bolt it on to the bulkhead.

Feel free to make me an offer, but please don’t insult me. Viewing is available evenings and weekends by getting in contact with me.

Any bids made on eBay are binding. If you bid and win on eBay, payment must be made by PayPal within 48 hours unless you pay by cash within this time.
Technical details of the Mini are listed below.

Block:                    Stripped, chemically cleaned and repainted. Cylinders offset bored and honed to 73.5mm. Replaced cam bearings. Block drilled for 11 stud head and stud holes countersunk. Deck of block skimmed to match piston height at TDC. Centre main strap and replaced core plugs.

Pistons:                Omega 73.5mm, 11cc dish, diecast pistons and ring sets. Balanced Cooper ‘S’ con-rods. ARP high tensile big end bolt set.

Crankshaft:         Offset ground to ‘S’ big end size to give 84.3mm stroke (1430cc). Tufrided and wedged blades. Cross drilled and micropolished journals. Vandervell competition lead/copper big end main bearings.

Camshaft:           Kent profiled VP8C race cam – timed in at 101 degrees BTDC. Chilled iron cam followers. Kent U/L vernier duplex timing gear. Replaced chain tensioner.

Flywheel/Clutch:              Steel lightweight flywheel and backplate assembly. Grey race clutch diaphragm and AP bonded clutch plate assembly.

Ancillaries:          Steel backed high capacity oil pump. Genuine Rover water pump. 2 core injection radiator cooled by wing mounted electric fan assembly. Breather pipes from fuel pump outlet on cylinder block from bell housing and timing cover, all via rocker cover to remote catch tank.

Cylinder Head:  12G940 casting. Ported inlet and exhaust ports. Stainless steel enlargened valves. Combustion chambers modified to lleviate shrouding of valves and also polished. Bronze valve guides. Double valve springs and alloy valve spring retainers. Standard pressed steel rocker gear. Head skimmed to gain correct engine compression ratio 11.5/12.0:1

Fuelling:               Weber 45DCOE twin choke side draught carburettor. 1.5″ rampipes. 7″ steel Mniflow inlet manifold modified to accept brake servo pipe. K&N air filter assembly. Electric fuel pump and filter with return line built in to fuel tank. Pressure regulator valve before carburettor. Twin throttle cable linkage.

Exhaust:               Maniflow large bore LCB manifold and ‘Y’ piece. Straight pipe through centre sectionjoining 2.5″ stainless PlayMini upswept side exit silencer.

Ignition:               Modified distributor with vacuum advance removed and advanced weights set to suit engine. Lucas electronic breakerless ignition system. Performance silicone ignition leads.

Transmission:    Tranex straight cut transfer gears 1.0-1 ratio. Tranex straight cut gearset in turbo gear casing. Centre oil pick-up and magnetic oil trap. 3.647:1 ratio helical cut crown wheel and pinion. Tranex 4 pin differential. Competition layshaft. Standard pot joint output shafts. Modified gear shift assembly.

Power output:  Measured at 134bhp @ 7100rpm (flywheel figure) and 118lb/ft @4300rpm (torque). Tested when engine built.

Brakes:                 Metro turbo vented front brake discs and 4 pot calipers. Standard genuine brake pads. Braided front hoses. Standard rear brakes with Super Minifin alloy brake drums. Standard servo setup.

Suspension:       Front and rear alloy adjustable trumpets. Koni adjustable shock absorbers. 1.5 deg negative camber front lower arms. Adjustable camber rear radius arm brackets. Heavy duty adjustable tie rods.

Wheels/Tyres:  5.5Jx13 genune Minator Minilites. 175/50 Bridgestone(??) tyres

Interior:               2 x Cobra bucket seats (FIA approved). 6 point 3″ strap competition harness. Full front and rear bolt in Safety Devices roll cage including door bars. Fabricated dashboard and door cards.

Bodywork:          Mayfair shell resprayed racing green. Bulkhead modified to accommodate Weber carburettor. Front wheel arches modified to allow fitment of 13″ wheels.

Security:              Locking wheel nuts. Thatcham approved alarm and immobiliser with certificate.


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  1. Estefano Isaias February 19, 2011 at 04:18 #

    How much do you want for the car

    • rugglez February 22, 2011 at 16:44 #

      Hi there, apologies for the delay. Car is advertised locally for £3495 or offers.

    • Estefano Isaias March 4, 2011 at 00:08 #

      I´m sorry for the delay in getting back , what yera is the car and is it still for sale?

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