Jackie Brown – Garden Party

img_6112_web On a bright and warm summer’s day, Jackie and I arranged a location shoot at her friend’s house , where we decided to make the best of the sun and fantastic gardens. We were going for some varied styles here, some with a summery feel and the rest with a more revealing look.

As normal, Jackie was great fun to work with. We managed to try a lot of experimentation with lighting, poses and outfits – some worked and some failed but it was a good learning experience and Jackie is always very patient with me. The other great thing about working with Jackie is that she is always willing to experiment and also to let me do likewise, so we both get something a bit different. Luckily, she also has a great sense of humor which helps to make our shoots really enjoyable :) )

I am hoping we can arrange take 2 shortly and try some different outfits or even try using the garden in autumn or winter for a completely different feel. We have also been offered use of the inside of the house which would make a great location for an old fashion styled shoot.

img_5526_web img_5596_web img_5714_web img_5902_web img_5916_web img_6232_web img_6302_web img_6299_web

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