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I have never let my wife take my speeding points.


A location shoot with the beautiful Isla

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CWCW6 – Cotswold Way – Circular Walk 6 – The Leckhampton Loop

My second walk today on the Cotswold Way, and I had the pleasure of Claire’s company on this walk. I was a bit surprised today as the guide said it should take between 2 and 2 1/2 hours to get around, but it took us about 4 hours (5 hours including our accidental detour). The extra time could well have been due to the slippy paths that were covered in ice, leaves pr both. But I am glad anyway – it really felt like we went for a decent walk rather than just a quick stroll.

This walk was 4 1/2 miles starting off at Seven Springs, going around to Devil’s Chimney, around to Sandy Lane and then back up to Seven Springs. We managed to make a slight detour up towards Coberly, but there were some interesting sights up that way anyway luckily.

The light today was very dull and the sky was very grey, so there weren’t a great deal of photo opportunities. I think this time of year isn’t ideal for photography, but at least I am finding places that will look fantastic when the warmer weather returns.


Here are some links to walking websites I have found really useful


On my way back from work, I noticed that all the rabbits were out in the snow on the Walls’ roundabout. So I went home, picked up my camera and made may way back to try and get some pictures. Now I’m not sure if they are psychic, but I must have been 40m away and just standing there, and as soon as I pulled the camera up to my eye, they all vanished! Poof!

So, I decided to take some pictures of the trees on Eastern Avenue – they looked stunning during the daylight (when I didn’t have time to go and shoot them), so I thought I would have a go and see what they turned out like shot under the sodium lights….. They don’t look very rabbit like though.


CWCW5 – Cotswold Way – Circular Walk 5 – Cleeve Hill Common

This is my second attempt at doing a proper walk route. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing, but Cleeve is not far from me, so I thought what the heck and went for it.

I really enjoyed the walk along part of the Cotswold Way. I saw some great scenery, listened to some nice tunes on my iPhone and met a whole load of friendly people on the way around …. everyone wanted to talk with me on my way! It was very nice!!

The walk was 6 miles and was supposed to take me 4 1/2 hours. I was really chuffed when I made it to the end in just 5 hours and I can assure you I was not rushing. I did take a lot of photos on the walk, but it was very misty and they didn’t come out so well. I will do the walk again in spring or summer just to get some photos, but the aim of today’s walk was practice and a bit of keep fit more than anything else. I may well try some more of the walks on the Cotswold Way, but won’t make any promises.


Here are some links to walking websites I have found really useful

I may have a crush on Ellie Goulding!


Hotel shoot at The George with the one and only Miss Pixie

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Where would we be without coffee?


Sonia Carr’s pin-up inspired shoot – theme and outfits by Sonia. With modelling by Dollface MUA and CynthiaMB

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Bugs, bugs, everywhere. I do not want a cold thank you.


A location shoot at the derelict hotel with Ali Brooks

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We also tried some shots using my Bronica ETRSi and some Kodak 120mm TMax 400 film. There were some problems, but we managed to get some shots on the second roll through :)


img_scan296 img_scan292



Pixie at Full Moon

A visit to Full Moon Studios with Miss Pixie

Pixie at Full Moon

A great day has been planned. A visit down to Lydney, Gloucestershire to visit Full Moon Studios and have a look around, and then a shoot with the fantastic Miss Pixie. She had a great outfit to wear that had she had not properly shot in before, and she also wanted to do some funky make up for her Make Up page – PixieFace.

I was convinced the shoot had not gone well, and was not sure we would come away with any decent images. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and saw what we managed to get. What do you reckon? Success or failure? Please fell free to leave your comments or crit below – its always appreciated to hear what you think.

Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon Pixie at Full Moon



CWCW7 – Cotswold Way – Circular Walk 7 – Cranham, Cooper’s and the Beechwoods

My 3rd walk along the Cotswold Way today – this time it was just me and Ellie Goulding to keep me company. Apparently this walk was 4 miles and would take 2-3 hours ….. I very much doubt that! I took a lot of pictures on this walk, but I didn’t hang about this time as it was freezing and drizzling. I thought I would get this done in well under 3 hours, but it actually took me 4 hours (nearly to the minute) to get around. It was again a fantastic walk though, so I’m going to make sure I have plenty of time and just go with the flow in future and not pay attention to the time – unless it starts getting dark before I finish yet again.

The snow seemed to have been avoiding Gloucester like the plague, so even though Cranham is only a 10 minute drive away, it was lovely to see snow all around. I was confused though – has no one told the trees that it is now winter? It looked like a typical autumn scene in the woods with gorgeous brown leaves covering the floor. All the better for me though as the leaves stopped me slipping on the ice many times today.


Here are some links to walking websites I have found really useful