Body Painting @ FilmPhoto – Take 1

I went to a great studio shoot today organised by Paul Trask (aka Trasky) in Cheltenham Film Studios – There were some great models and body artists there and the results were amazing. The star of the day for me was the uber talented and gorgeous Helen Diaz – she just makes it look so effortless.

img_9994_web img_0004_web img_0005_web img_0006_web img_0330_web

Emoke and Leah
img_0045_web img_0046_web img_0053_web

img_9588_web img_9632_web img_9645_web img_9648_web img_9649_web img_0075_web img_0077_web img_0083_web img_0101bw_web img_9703_web img_9723_web img_0465_web img_0472_web img_0475_web img_0131_web img_0144_web img_0149_web

img_0170_web img_0177_web img_0183_web img_9563_web

img_0231_web img_0239_web img_0258_web img_0267_web img_9769_web img_9778_web img_9787_web img_9804_web img_9809_web img_9815_web

img_9906_web img_9911_web img_9940_web img_9950_web img_9959_web

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