Artemis’ Studio Day

A couple of edits from today’s shoot organised by Artemis_D5……

I am off for a couple of days now, so thought I would do a couple of quick edits from today’s shoot whilst I have the time.

The shoot today went so well … I am absolutely chuffed to bits. For the whole 2 hours I had the knowledge of Russ (russfreeman) and Sarah (Artemis_D5), and Sarah also helped me with posing, direction and getting some more oil on to Sharon :D It was such a relaxed environment that I felt I could take my time getting the images I wanted. I learnt a great deal today, especially about having an idea to build from rather than going in all guns blazing.

The models today were brilliant. I know I say that a lot, but they truly were. I have worked with models before who have no direction or expression during a shoot, but Leah and Sharon were wonderful. I was (we were?) being quite picky today with poses and what expressions were wanted. Leah and Sharon just did whatever I asked and then some. At one point Sharon had her back to me and I was gesturing how to change her pose and it wasn’t until a few moments later I realised she had done what I wanted without actually seeing me – some sort of telepathy going on there maybe lol

I will edit some more images later in the week, and hopefully I may even get around to editing some shots I did with Sharon a few months back!!

Leah Axl


Fires Secret


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