Body Paint Rehearsal – “Aliens in Stroud”

_mg_9158_webAnd finally …. the Alien from Stroud.

After a hectic week, I have finally got around to editing the Alien shots from the practice body painting session at Stroud College. The creator of this design is John Davis the infamous artist from deepest and darkest Wales – John is a marvel to watch at work and his results speak for themselves. Not very often do you meet someone this talented who is also a great guy to get along with. This is the 2nd time I have worked with John in the last few months and I look forward to more collaboration in the near future ….. watch this space.

Thank you again to the great make up artists at Stroud College – not only are you very skilled, but you all seem to be great models too! Well done especially to Polly, you were brilliant.

_mg_9126_web _mg_9144_web _mg_9169_web _mg_9219_web _mg_9229_web _mg_9180_web

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